Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa

All our cocoa and
chocolates carry the
Rainforest Alliance seal.

We are passionate about how we source our cocoa beans and we are transparent about its origins. Every one of our products displays the little frog Rainforest Alliance Certification seal , meaning it’s responsibly sourced. This seal shows we work with Rainforest Alliance certified farms to help create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

Using the Rainforest Alliance seal

The Rainforest Alliance seal isn’t just limited to companies who produce sustainable chocolate, chefs who use these products can display it too. Which is a welcome reassurance to the growing numbers of consumers actively seeking out sustainable products. To reap the benefits of using the Rainforest Alliance seal , make sure you register first.

Rainforest Alliance

You want to know that a sustainable ingredient has a sustainable origin. Farmers from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms are trained to adapt to climate change, preserve forested and protected areas ,and help protect natural resources and the environment . The Rainforest Alliance also works to achieve better livelihoods for farmers and workers, by creating better working conditions for rural communities and addressing urgent environmental and social challenges. All this summed up in one seal. This is what the Rainforest Alliance seal means/stands for.


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