Brioche with Chocolate Drops

Recipe by
François Galtier



Mix all of the ingredients, except the butter and the chocolate drops, for 10 minutes at the highest speed, then for 4 minutes at the second highest speed. Add cold butter in cubes and mix again for 10 minutes at the highest speed, then for 2 minutes at the second highest speed. Add the drops at the end of the mixing. Let rest for few hours in the refrigerator. Scale and shape the dough to fit your mould, allow to proof for around 2 hours at 28°C and 75% humidity. Eggbrush and bake at 170°C in a ventilated oven. For large moulds, you can reduce the temperature and extend the time. The baking time will depend on the weight of the dough, the type and shape of the mould you will use. As an example, this recipe is made for 350g of dough (including drops) per closed-square mould and needs 35 minutes to be baked. Attention: a closed mould enlarges the necessary baking time.

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Chef’s Tip

You can make a plain dough and add the drops after resting the dough, in order to include different types of drops in a single dough base. You can mix different types of drops together, or mix the drops with nuts, or dried fruits, to create your own cocktail. You can replace the 25g of fresh yeast with 10g of dry yeast.

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