Inspiration 32

Inspiration 32

Available in 5kg, 10kg
A Belgian milk chocolate offering a pronounced milky and sweet delicate taste.


Ganache • Cakes • Pastries • Desserts • Chocolate tablets • Pralines • Enrobing

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Cocoa Solids

Average fat

Average milk solids


Flavour Details

Product details

A Belgian milk couverture chocolate offering a pronounced milky, sweet and delicate taste. Inspiration 32 is part of a carefully selected range of couverture chocolates that is suitable for a variety of applications and preparations.

Tempering curves

Type Packaging
Belgian milk chocolate dots Resealable


Weight Best before
5kg, 10kg 18 months

Tasting profiles


Consistent flavour, shape and shine

Our chocolate consistently delivers the same elevated quality your customers expect from you.


Great workability

Good viscosity and consistently sized 12mm dots mean that our chocolate is easily weighed and tempered.


Sustainable source guarantee

Know where your chocolate comes from. All cocoa in our products comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

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